When your emotions overflow and frustrated you go.
Stop, see the world around, clinch on heart that you found.
Misery and paradise are sides of coin, that roll together click and sound.
Novel you not in the world that dance to rhyme, a train of people come and pass the time.
Only a few are thine that shine, masses go unnoticed, hungry without dine.
When you glitter and shine, thank Almighty and count divine.
Hold your breath when sullen and saturnine, eye for blessings, hopeful, never confine.



जरूरि नही फरक सोंच का मिटाया जाए
नोक़ते से खु़दा को जुदा कराया जाए
यहाँ शहर हैं, लोग हैं, बांग हैं अलग,
इनके बीच के फरक गिनाया जाए?
तारें, सीतारें, अासमा के अलग नजा़रें हैं
कया परिंदे कोे एकही दिशा उङाया जाए?
कहीं शिरी-फरहा तो कही हीर-रांझे हैंं यहा
अपने बच्‍चों को एकही दास्तां सुनाया जाए?
नानी- दादी के किस्सों का वह राजकुमार
आअो फीर से इन गलीयों मे घुमाया जाए
कालि रात, भयानक शकल, किसकी आमद है
चलो अजी़म आओ कुछ बच्‍चों को बहलाया जाए

Perceived vis-a-vis Material World

Today it happened so that I realised that we more live in perceived world than the material world. Perceived world is completely a hypothetical world which has nothing to do much with the material world. For instance, an image of some one/something could create a pleasant memory. This memory could be stretched as long as one desires; one the other hand,one holds back an image of some one/something could cause chaos in memory.

The above mentioned responses of the worldly phenomena set in when the energy flow starts from the material world to the perceived world. Their interactions much depend on the individual, how he wants to see his life to progress. If he wants to live in a pleasant memory then his material world-view will be atoned to ‘sieve thought’, where he receives only those signals which cools him and negate to those which starts conflicts. He would sieve out the irritating nature of the material world.

The strategy that he adopts, is supplied either from the spiritual/religious texts or with his analysis of the the interactions between his perceived world and material world-which surrounds him. Generally this kind of individual overlooks the faults of other and he looks at the beauty in him/her.

To make it more unambiguous a case of love affair could be taken as best tool. Here material as well perceived worlds exist simultaneously. But material aspect in some cases is diluted and perceived world begets larger share subsequently positive energy starts flowing while in opposite case conflict and chaos take place that ruin the life.

Terrorism and New Imperialism: Civilization Destroying Machine

         What I see in our time is ‘the problems’ either ignored or the societies absolve themselves by just leveling the perpetrators with the paint of religion, color, caste, creed, foreigners. In the present acts of terror and senseless killings, I believe that the civilizations have been divided into two groups viz. Muslims who are busy in denouncing, to point out that perpetrators can’t be followers of Islam and group other than Muslim majority shirk their responsibility by leveling the perpetrators, as followers of Islam as if by just leveling it Islam will wipe out.

Right from the beginning of civilizations violence and killings have been practiced in the name of defence of territories or imperialism, aborigines/red Indians vs new settlers, bourgeois vs proletariat or in name of new imperialism. However, except new imperialism in all cases the world societies had realized the danger and came forward for their resolution and consequently we see a number of world level organizations. But in the case of terrorism we have made our skin thick by leaving case aside by one pretext or another.
If we watch the cases of terrorism we find the Muslim countries are more victims. When such acts are staged in Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Palestine/Israel, etc., majority see it something less bothering. I saw the same trend in the recently killing of innocent people in Bangladesh. Muslim are saying that perpetrators can’t be followers of Islam and another group is busy in maligning the name of Islam and while pain of victims and their relatives are smothered. One clip is viral on social media, leaving no stone unturned in suggesting that Islam is not peaceful religion.
What I see that world’s are coming together and stringent laws are given effect to terrorism and in its name we the civilians are compromising our freedoms day by day in order to curb this menace but it proved ineffective rather a Hydra is coming out of it and Civilizations keep bleeding everytime and more.
We all the inhabitants of the earth should come close enough and fight the ‘civilizations destroying menace’ together instead of looking at the problems with color, caste, creed, religion or nation.
Resources of the earth belongs to Asians, Africans, European, American and aborigines as well. They are there to make life beautiful and they are not there to make arms and nukes and make deep scar on the heart of civilizations.

The pulse of nation and palpitations of electronic media

The democratic processes of third world countries are trying to make Plato stand on his head with legs straight up by detaching ‘’philosopher kings’’ from the ground and so as Rousseau with his ‘’general will’’. This malaise has become endemic recently in our country and electronic media are playing with all possible means to give it a wind.

Electronic media have discovered a bunch of intellectuals who are busy in decoding, redefining and modifying the very concept of ‘’nation’’, ‘’nationalism’’, ‘’state’’, ‘’government’’, ‘’relation between government and religions’’. They, by their very emphatic endeavour have snatched these concepts from academicians and institutions and have brought onto every nook and corner, as if these concept are small babies and they are not taken care properly by the academicians. So they find it better to entrust the people who visit local markets for their mundane wants.

The current volleys of phraseologies in the name of the nation are gaining high TRP and consequently high pitch is discerned among the favourite panellists of the prime time electronic media coffee house. The news anchors, ordinarily they happened to be mere reporter of events or information, have now set the stage to flex up their muscles in the intellectual side of their personalities.

The phrase of ‘’bharat mata’’ or ‘’not bharat mata’’ on the prime time or cross roads has become so louder that it has smothered the clink sound of empty vessels, groaning sound of distressed farmers,  crying of hungry children, weeping of destitute, etc. These phrases have afflicted the mind so much so that the person hardly feels his subcutaneous pain or inner voice.

India that is Bharat is battling with consecutive droughts. According to Government of India, 38 percent of the agricultural land of India has been affected by droughts this year. Still in 21st century the agriculture has to suffer to the vagaries of monsoon. About one-third of the land is rain fed. Some region of the country witness drought and flood alternatively every year. Agricultural production is either declining or static. At India level, 1 percent increase has been reported over the last year, however Bihar managed to raise it 5 point level.

The political economy of India for Bharat, and man induced (climatic change) natural calamities are giving combined blow together AND shattering the life of farmers, agricultural labourers and rural artisans. This is leaving an undeletable mark on the rural economy and rural ecosystem. It is transforming ‘genre de vie’ of rural people. They are turning from producer to the mercy of others.

Forget the basic amenities; the drought affected people are deprived of the basic nutrition. According to the Swaraj Abhiyan, in Bundelkhand, 60 percent of rural families could not afford milk for their children and 39 percent had no Dal over last eight months. Loss of animals and shortage of drinking water have further complicated their lives. Women and children are forced to walk a couple of miles to fetch potable water. This is leading to drop out in the schools, brew social tension for control of water, etc. Every walk of life is touched by this crisis. Their meagre saving is being eroded, ornaments which are dear to women are mortgaged or sold, prospect of marriages are declining, etc. The cumulative effect of all these malaise exposing them to societal tendencies.

Nevertheless, the electronic media are smartly overlooking these issues. They have their own reasons and limitations. Because a topless bargirl could raise their TRP and make them earn so much wealth that a combined efforts of these marginalise would hardly make them to sustain their channels.

However, the programmes and policies which are miss hitting the targets have hardly been taken care of seriously by either these darling panellists or investigating journalist of electronic media.  Why the National Food Security Act or MNREGA are not mitigating the rural crisis? Where is the crop insurance scheme failing? There are many more questions that Bharat is asking rural people want to know..

 Amartya Sen has rightly pointed out that ‘it is not famine which kills the poor rather the lack of purchasing power’. It is Bharat which is dying every day while India is progressing day and night. Electronic media is nothing less than India so why they should delve into Bharat?          …………..JAI HO BHARAT MATA! JAI HO ELECTRONIC MEDIA!

O who bears the shock!

This piece of writing is to mean to reach every heart of women, poor and marginalised section of societies. When we read history or any horrific event of past, staged on anywhere on the face of earth we find one trend common- the burnt is borne by the poor, unthinkably more shared by women  than their counter part.

O woman/mother on the face of the earth, you have given birth to man; you know the pain of life; you know its value. For how long the centuries will continue to pass like this, and for how long this game hope will last while the present century in which I am breathing is deluding every hope?

Common!  All the courage of the world has been derived from your womb. How could a derivative be more courageous than you? You come forward and shape a world where all of your children could breath with ease, without any pride or prejudice.

My sisters/mothers! If you really take all women as your sisters and co-sufferers then take stalk of you men. You are the victim of all sorts of extremism. How could, a few among you with a temporary access to power, prestige and wealth smoother your pain and accomplice to nefarious designs of power lobbyist, the perpetrators? Who is the ultimate victim? You are the victim of all types of extremism whether it is planned riots or sporadic violence, history of world wars; all sorts of revolutions or movements put the rhetoric time and again and ask you to pay the price disproportionately.

Stories of wilderness are shattering every day, and are denting hope every second. Cases of rape taking place in this piece of land or that piece of land are becoming commonplace. A story, as reported from Uttar Pradesh, where a girl was raped and killed, and found sugarcane staved in her private part moved me to appeal you- o women on the face of the earth, for how long you are going to sit with crossed finger. Put forth your courage and defend the melting earth, defend the civilisation, and defend the humanity. You come forward. Now it is your turn.

we the people

In all the political events we started taking sides one way other. Sometimes we become so crazy that we take side of party instead the truth. Somehow we want to proove our stand and many a times by sharing the similar views or commenting in favour of or against to the friend’s write up. I am also part of it. This virtual debate smoother our genuine and natural thought. We have started exchanging ideas based on passion and comfort not on the reasons. Social media have made it very easy and handy. Mindlessly we are using our intellect. Our frustrations about our mundane problems, our fight with our life partner, neighbors,colleagues are most of the times shapes our ideas when it comes to the issues of national interest. I can’t deny that love angle too might be playing some roles while writing the comments on this issue if it happened to be between two communities. We are forgetting the basics that we all share the same origin of life whether it is Adam/purusharth(religious claim) or monkey(scientific). We rush to the madness in such a way that all our lessons of humanism, fraternity, compassion for humanity, rationality, morality, etc. have become redundant. A few handfuls of people who have lesser intellect than all the intellectuals are bending and mending us as they wish. Though we all deny this proposition but it is the reality. This is not the local or national problem but is found world over. The neo capitalist system has made the problem more disguise. The globalization has made it more complicated and added exotic flavour. The terrorism of non-state- actors or state-actors has created more confusion.
Blood does matter. Unless we don’t give importance to it, problems would hardly buzz an inch. We all are so concerned and over protecting our families that a simple cough or a 100 f of temperature of our babies creat unstoppable streams from the eyes but a pool of blood on the road or elsewhere does not move us.